about me

Hi, I'm beepsalt, otherwise known as Samm. I started making internet content in 2008 when Let's Plays were essentially in their infancy, and had quite a bit of success with it, amassing over 11,000 subscribers. I made LPs on YouTube of games like Bubsy, EVO: Search for Eden, Clock Tower 3, and Eternal Darkness. When streaming was also young, I made live content on both ustream and JustinTV. In 2010, before subscriptions were a thing and all we got was ad revenue, I was partnered on Twitch with an average viewer count of 150+ people per stream.

I took a long break from content creation after graduating from university in 2011 and then having a child in 2012. In 2019, after volunteering at many events over the year, I became official staff for Games Done Quick and that lead me back in to making gaming content again. In late January 2020, I did my first stream back after many years, and haven't skipped a beat since, amassing 1,000 hours streamed in 2020 and another 1,000 in 2021. My content varies now, but revolves mostly around horror themed games (...with a little bit of cute and brightness thrown in there occasionally). When I returned my average viewer count was 5-10, but has now flourished to 30-45 people per stream.

Other accomplishments from the past two years include:

  • participating in Scareathon (May 2021, October 2021)

  • starting a crossword puzzle blog where I write my own puzzles

  • hitting 4,000 followers on Twitch

  • creating my own stream team called The Clock Tower