Hi, I'm beepsalt, otherwise known as Samm. 

I started making internet content in 2008 when Let's Plays were essentially in their infancy, and had quite a bit of success with it, amassing over 11,000 subscribers. 

When streaming was also new, I made live content on both ustream and JustinTV. In 2010, I was partnered on Twitch. I had a great time doing this for years, but took some time off to do some real life things. I started again in 2020, streaming over 2,000 over the next two years (you know how it was during the pandemic...).

In 2022, I released my first game. I started developing in Ren'Py and made Guest, a game based off of a song I really enjoyed. After that, I have continued to make more horror themed visual novels. 

Additionally,  while making these games, I started composing again for the first time in over 15 years.