release date TBD 

Steam (coming soon)

Finish your last training run, if you can.

Luis, a procrastination prone runner, has been training for his first marathon. Today is the day of his last training run. He knows he has 20 miles ahead of him, but unfortunately he's having a hard time starting. When he does though, strange things start to happen, pushing him ahead and forcing his hand.

The world, shifting and bending to some unseen force's hand, doesn't fit reality. Luis and his dog Pistachio have to escape whatever is happening, and they have to do it quickly, before they have no other option.

In order to survive, players will find themselves drawn into a surreal world where buildings shift, doors refuse to cooperate, and the city itself seems to reshape around them. The stunning visuals and mind-bending puzzles reveal layers that help you confront whatever is causing this. 

Every choice in the game matters, from stopping to look at your running medals in your apartment to intentionally sending a mother to a possible violent death. Puzzles take inspiration from the items you may find in a normal world like phone combinations and printer jams, but nothing is ever what it seems.